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The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.

Episode 29 - Interview with Fiona Horne, The Naked Witch!

February 21, 2018

Thanks for tuning in to the very first episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast for 2018! I am so so excited to be back and even more excited to be talking with today's guest - Fiona Horne. You other 90s and early 2000s wiccans might remember Fiona from her books on witchcraft like WITCH: A MAGICAL JOURNEY (which just got a re-release!) or WITCHIN: A HANDBOOK FOR TEEN WITCHES (my personal fave) or even as the lead singer of electrorock group DEF FX. Whether or not you recognize her name you'll love hearing Fiona's amazing life story both in this interview and more so in The naked Witch, her new autobiography.

Resilience and transformation are going to be big themes for me with The Fat Feminist Witch this year,, and Fiona is the perfect person to kick start that as we talk rockstardom, dealing with loss, transformation, and why she is definitely a f%&#ing feminist! 💪👱‍♀️🖕

Find out why I gave The Naked Witch 🔮🔮🔮🔮/5 at http://fatfeministwitch.com/, and Goodreads.com and connect with Fiona at http://fionahorne.com/

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As always the opening and closing track is Back To The 90s (Douglas Mulvey AKA D-REX) / CC BY 4.0