Episode 17 - Book Review of Shadows: Magical Destinations of the Northeast




Thanks for tuning in to the first stand-alone Book Review of Shadows episode of 2017. I announced the new format in my previous episode, so if you're confused about this.... the truth IS out there.

Today I'm reviewing Magical Destinations of the Northeast: Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities, and Magical Monuments by The Wandering Witch, Natalie Zaman.

This book is the perfect combination of Travel Guide and Grimoire, and for this reason it recieved 5 crystal balls out of 5! To find out why you can read my full review on my blog here or just listen to the episode, jeeze.

If you're going to buy the book on amazon anyways, I would really appreciate if you'd do it through my Amazon aStore here!

The next full-length episode of The Fat Feminist Witch will be released around imbolc, so until then be sure to find me on social media or check the blog for new episodes!